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Technology does not need to get in the way of creativity. Let's make some music!

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Producing music does not need to be overcomplicated!

We will walk through every step of the process together and create a full, release ready song.

Finally finish all of your music!

No longer will you have all your unfinished songs on your hard drive or voice memos.

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We will walk through every step of the process giving you the exact tools you need to produce your music!

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Kristen Alewine

“I’ve been working on learning Logic for about a year using trial and error and pulling information from YouTube tutorials. Those are great, but many are focused on a specific piece of the process.

What I’ve needed is something to give me a foundational, linear understanding of the production process as a whole. This class is exactly that. It’s easy to follow and understand. It’s filling in the gaps in my knowledge and giving me a framework that I will be able to continually build on as I learn more. I’m feeling confident instead of overwhelmed.”

Mike Teague

Great job on the course. The DMD info was very interesting for me and going through the Distrokid info was very nice. Thank you. I have gone through other courses and swept through youtube and I wish I had this course when I started out.

"This gives a great starting point for anyone just beginning their Home recording journey or for those, like myself, that have been at it for a couple of years. Always something new to learn!"


Suzanne Tedrick

"I just registered for Bryan Boliver’s Online class for logic Pro X. I think it would be the best first start, in my opinion anyway. He lays it out very well, and even though I have a little bit of a background in that program already, he puts it succinctly and it’s well done. I think it’s going to change the way that I record and mix."

Jorge Galvan

"Learned so much in this course brother. It was exactly what I was looking for. Can’t wait to put to practice what I learned."

Why did we create this course?

Never before in history has it been so accessible to create great sounding music within our own homes. Gone are the days where it requires a huge budget and travel to be the only way to get your songs recorded and released.

Now built into most of the technology we already own, we can take the music in our hearts and record, mix, master and release it all from our own home studio.

But, where do you look to learn how to create and produce this music? With so many videos on YouTube and different philosophies and styles which one is right for you? Yes it's true, YouTube has an endless supply of amazing tutorials and lessons on how to produce music from home. But there are varying opinions and techniques and sometimes that can keep us in a rut because we don't know which method is right for us.

In this course we will start and finish a song completely. By digging into one process it will allow you to bring your song idea all the way through the production process!

The purpose of this course is to encourage you that technology does not need to get in the way of creativity!

I will walk you through the entire process- from setting up your session all the way to mastering your file.

Nothing is left out and you will see every step of the process on how I have been recording hundreds of songs from my very own home studio.

Let's Make Some Music!

Here is what's inside the course!

Here's what will happen

 Once you have gone through the course you will be able to create high-quality release-ready music from your own home studio. You will finally have one place to go to be able to produce and release your music to the world.

Your songs will be ready for Spotify, Apple Music and all of the streaming platforms. You won't need to guess or piece together all of the different teachings/techniques as everything you need is here inside- Logic Pro X For Artists & Songwriters.

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No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the power of this course and it's transformational ability.

But, if you decide it's not a good fit for you we have a 30 day, full refund policy!

Save time & money!

Paying to have your songs produced can cost thousands, and a music degree costs much more and can take years to graduate.

This course gives you a full suite of every aspect of producing a song at your own pace, with lifetime access, from start to finish, for the same price as Logic Pro X itself.