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Russ Parrish
Skin and Bone
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Meg Ammons
City of God
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LeAundra Richardson
I'll Never Be The Same
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Unite Collective
Take Me Wholly
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The Astronaut and The Artist
Help. (Co-Pro)
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Caleb Vanderburg
Worthy (Co-Pro)
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Austin Rios
First Love


I am here to help you bring your song from a work-tape to a release-ready master for all streaming platforms. 
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Let's build on the production you have already started and take it to the next level.
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Russ Parrish

"Bryan is a phenomenal person to work with whether it’s production, writing, or just some motivation and inspiration! "

Matt Crosson

"Hey man I just wanted to say thanks. Since your zoom call I have been reaching out to playlist curators and have netted about 5-6 playlists and has resulted in over 300 streams."

Meg Ammons

"Working with Bryan multiple times has been a really great experience. He’s listened to the vision I had for each song and delivered a final product every time that exceeded my expectations . He’s encouraging and easy to work with. Totally recommend him!"

LeAundra Richardson
"Working with Bryan throughout the past year has been an amazing experience. He took time to get to know me and my style of music to produce a sound that fits my personality"
Erin Echevaria

"Bryan has shown an outstanding ability as a producer to pinpoint and execute the right musical direction to match the vision for my songs."

The Astronaut & The Artist

"Bryan is on top of his business and he is an outstanding person. I would highly recommend Bryan and his services to anyone who is looking for a high-quality production in a professional atmosphere.

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