Bryan has been writing music for over 20 years and started releasing his own music in 2018. His music has been featured on multiple Spotify editorial playlists, is currently on over 2000 Spotify playlists, and has gained millions of streams. He writes honest and heartfelt songs about faith, life and love with a hopeful undertone with every song he releases.

His songs are being sung and used at churches globally, and Bryan is actively writing and producing for other artists to equip them for their own artistry and local churches.

Bryan has collaborated with Grammy and Dove award winning producers, songwriters and engineers. He is currently working with Praiseworthy Publishing writing and producing music for sync placements in Film and TV. His productions specialize in a wide variety of genres including: pop, rock, worship, folk and CCM. ​His side project Adam Ver is a cinematic, rock project geared towards film and tv placements. 

Bryan's latest release "Miracle Man" is a picture of what it would be like to live in the time when Jesus walked the earth and to hear about Him for the first time. To know that there is a man who is performing miraculous acts and healing people. The hope is that those who hear this song have a greater belief in Jesus' ability to still work miracles in their lives today.

Bryan Boliver
Miracle Man
Firm Believers
Bryan Boliver
Bryan Boliver
Bryan Boliver
Bryan Boliver
I Found You (The Wedding Edition)
Bryan Boliver
Every Crown
Adam Ver
Nothing Better
Adam Ver
Rise Up From The Ashes