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7 Ways to Renovate Your Music Journey

Jul 11, 2021


  Chasing a music dream can be such an exciting experience. When we dedicate ourselves to achieving something and start to see things happen we feel fulfilled and are living out our purpose. But what happens when things in the industry start to change? What happens when what used to work doesn’t work like it once did? Do we continue to try and force it or do we make changes to find the new thing that works?

  Personally, we are currently going through a kitchen renovation due to a flood we had back in April. Our kitchen was completely torn out back on June 14 and we are still without a kitchen. This process has been difficult especially feeling out of place in our own home. 

  This got me thinking, what other areas of my life and music journey should I consider a renovation? In the middle of the process things feel stressful, uncomfortable and maybe even painful however the end result is always worth it. 


  I wanted to go through 7 areas of our music journey that we could consider making some renovations. Taking a look at what we do and how we are currently doing it can keep us moving in the right direction with the most efficiency and impact! 


Social media 

  We all know that social media is constantly changing. Strategies that worked last year most likely do not work this year. With new platforms popping up all the time keeping close attention to the trends is important.  If we want to use social media to build our brand and artistry we have to stay up to date with what is happening and let go of things that used to work.


Spotify Artist Profile

  Spotify is currently the largest streaming platform. Spotify gives artists a great opportunity to customize our profiles and its something we should renovate frequently. Adding new photos, making sure our bio is up-to-date and always having a fresh artist pic is a great way to show our listeners that we are active and relevant.



  Our website is our central hub for our artistry. There is a lot of discussion on the pro’s and con’s of having a website and my answer is a resounding YES for the need and benefit of having our own website. With that, keeping it fresh and up to date is very important. If we have people come visit our site and links are broken, information is out of date it can reflect on us negatively so keeping our website looking the best we can is a great way to give people a strong first impression of our artistry.



  We live in a content driven world and photo’s and videos are the way most people get to know us. By having professional looking photos that are current  is an effective way to show people we are active, serious and care about what we are doing. With smartphones we have the ability to take incredible photos but if thats not our gifting there are many talented photographers to partner with to make sure our photos are looking great and representing who we are as an artist.



  We all know that the music industry is a very relational business. Depending on who you know can determine how far you will go. But with that, not every relationship is good for us as people or for our journey. Taking a hard look at the people we associate with can help streamline who we are serving well. Some relationships may need to be developed while others may need to be ended. This process may be tough at times but necessary to making maximum impact on what we are called to do.



  Branding is the overall presentation of our personal brand. This encompasses  everything above and is how people know us as an artist. This comes down to how we write our posts, share our content and everything in between. Making sure everything we do aligns with our branding is key and keeping it all up to date, fresh and clean is crucial.



  As we evolve as artists our mission should evolve with us and that comes through the decisions we make. Our purpose and vision will stay the same however our mission needs to be revisited along the way. This can be freeing because it will become the filter for which we make all of our choices and decisions through. Renovating our mission will allow us to make maximum impact on our journey.


  I hope this helps give you some ideas on ways to keep your music journey as efficient and effective as possible. It can be tough to look at renovating but taking it a section at a time is a great way to manage it all. Making tweaks along the way it will help things to run smooth and help you reach the people you are called to reach.


 Also, as we are living this out we just launched our brand new website which is a complete renovation of our previous site. In fact, we even renovated our domain name to We are excited about it and have TONS of helpful resources that is created to help you on your music journey. We hope it can become a hub of information and encouragement for you. 

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