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Be sensitive to the season you are in..

Sep 17, 2022
Back in 2018 I begin releasing the music I was producing. I took many trips to Nashville for various songwriting retreats. I would come home and demo, and eventually release, the songs I cowrote during these events.

During this time I was still a full time Worship Pastor but I would get home from work and go into the studio and work late almost every night of the week and then release a song once a month for my artistry.

During this period I started to produce music for others but it was not my full time work yet. I was able to keep up with monthly releases from 2019 through most of 2021. As my production schedule become more full, I went full time.

I realized that the space I once had for working on my own music was no longer there. I could have kept staying up late and working on my music, but near the end of 2021 I realized that I needed to step back and be more sensitive to the season I was in.

So this year I pulled way back on my personal releases as I have been fully focused on producing music for others. I was able to to release a song back in February of this year “Miracle Man” and today I released my second song of 2022 “Morning By Morning”

It’s a good reminder that seasons change, and just because we’re not able to do what we once did, that doesn’t mean that we are failing or not as committed as we once were. In my opinion, taking a close look at what we can do and choosing wisely, will actually result in better music.

So my encouragement to you (and myself) is to take time and evaluate where we are on our music journey. If we are in a season where we can write 10 times a week, then we should do it! If you are able to release music every month, definitely do it!

But if you need to pull back in one area so that your life as a whole can be more fulfilling and shift your focus, then don’t be afraid to do that too.

In the end these decisions will filter through everything we do and result in our music journey being better overall.


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