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How To Create A Vision Statement For Your Music Journey

Jul 03, 2021
Habakkuk 2:2
“And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”
We all have big hopes and dreams that we hope to achieve on our music journey. These goals are the fuel in which we can continue to move forward through the good and bad times.
If you are anything like me you might often ask yourself, what are the actual goals and dreams I am chasing? I think we can get caught up in the doing so much that we might not even know what it is we are after.
One of the BEST ways to keep a laser focus on what we are working towards is by having a clear vision for our artistry/music journey.
You may be thinking “aren’t vision statements only for business? Why do I need one as a music artist?” As a person chasing a modern music goal we ARE a business, whether we are serving others on their journey OR serving our fans and followers.
I wanted to highlight 4 key elements to having a great vision statement to help you get clarity and focus on where you are heading. This is not something you will figure out in 5 minutes as it requires prayer and consideration to see exactly how God is leading you on you specific path.

1. Short and memorable

Keep it short. The longer it is the harder to remember, and less clear for what you are trying to accomplish.

1-2 sentences will give it the the greatest impact and paint the clearest picture.


2. should align with who you are / where you are going

The vision statement is future minded, however it should also speak to where you are now with your values and beliefs. We can’t determine what the future will bring, but we can keep a steady hold on how we approach the future with our artistry/music journey.


3. Emotional and inspiring

When we share our vision statement we want to humanize it through inspiration. By using universally relatable terms, anyone can understand and relate to what we are trying to achieve. We are emotional beings, so tying in emotions is a great way to bring people into what we are doing.


4. Identify the specific people you are serving

A vision statement ultimately declares who you are wanting to serve. Yes, a vision is specific to you and your journey, however what impact would your journey have without others? By specifically stating Who you are trying to serve, it will instantly let people know what you are doing and who you are doing it for.

I worked on the vision statement for our production company for quite some time but now everything we do filters through this statement-
Our vision is
“To help Christian Indie Artists and Songwriters get songs heard”
We do many different things from production, a podcast, content, coaching and a number of other things.. but everything we do is meant to “help Christian Indie Artists and Songwriters get songs heard.”
So as you are crafting your own statement think about what you do now, and also what is on your heart to do in the future as you continue to reach and impact people through your music.
Do you have a vision for your music journey? If so, comment it below!

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