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"Silenzio Bruno"

indie artists music journey music tips silenzio bruno Jul 03, 2021
So, if you are a parent like me you have most likely seen or at least heard of the new Disney movie Luca. The movie is about 2 young mermaid boys who go on an adventure which leads them to land and a bunch of other exciting twists and turns as Disney/Pixar movie’s have.
Throughout the movie the boys would use this phrase, “Silenzio Bruno!” often when they were facing their fears, silencing their negative inner voice. Anytime one of them would get scared about doing something they would shout “Silenzio Bruno!” which would give them the courage to push through and do whatever it was they were about to do.
So many of us on our music journeys are stuck in place because we allow our fears to conquer. We get excited about doing something but then as more time passes we become fearful and often times give up. The fear may be anxiety, doubt, comparison, impostor syndrome or a combination of all these. No matter what it is, fear has held so many of us back from doing what we are called to do.
What would it look like if when our fears rose up in us we exclaimed a “Silenzio Bruno” of our own? What if we said, “no, fear is a liar and we CAN face it.” What if we remember that God has given us, not a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind? What if the next time we were feeling the comparison trap landing on us we remembered that we are on our own walk, and because God is for us, what can stand against us?
I know that this is SO MUCH easier said than done. I understand that these feelings are very real and are very strong. I also know that all we have to do is take that step forward and then the next one will be a little easier. We are made for this so nothing can get in our way accept ourselves.
So my encouragement to you is that you are more than a conquerer and the next time you hear that little voice of fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, regret, shame start to whisper in your ear, step back and say “Silenzio Bruno” and watch what God will do when you trust Him with the next step on your journey.

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