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Vocal Comping in Logic Pro X (Quick Production Tip)

Aug 03, 2021

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This Quick Production Tip (QPT) shares a clip directly from the “Record Your Vocals Like a Pro” module (live now) is all about vocal comping. Vocal comping is the process of recording a section of your song multiple times and then selecting the best parts of each take, to create the strongest vocal take overall. Logic makes it easy to create vocal comping due to the take folders that are automatically created.

To create a take folder simply re-record your take starting in the same spot of the track. Every time you do this, a new take will be added to the folder. Once you have created 2 or more takes, you will see an arrow in the top left corner of the take. By clicking the arrow it will change position from pointing to the right, to pointing downward, and all of the recorded takes will now show. By default the top take will be in color and the take immediately below it as well. The top take (with the arrow you clicked) is the final take.

To comp the vocal simply highlight the section of each take that you want to use. The selected sections will be in color (in blue by default) and the unselected sections will stay gray. Once you have highlighted the section of each take you want to use, you can once again click the arrow in the top left corner of the main take and this will minimize the take folders. Now the main, single lined take is the comp take. You can repeat this process for every section of the vocal takes in your session to ensure you have the best takes overall.

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