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You will get better as you do it BUT you won't get better until you do it

Jul 03, 2021
My key motto in my production company is
Patience + Perseverance = Success
I believe this formula is a way to create a sustainable, long-lasting career in music. To me, it means being able to endure the tough times as we learn and grow towards the good times. But what it doesn’t mean is that we wait until things are perfect before we do anything at all.
I have been releasing at least 1 single every month since September of 2018. I just uploaded my 47th song that will be released on 4/30/21. To be honest, I never imagined that I would have released this many songs. But as with everything else, they come one at a time and with each month the catalog gets a little bigger.
Looking back I can hear flaws and things I would do differently if I were to release the songs now (with what I know now). BUT the question is, if I had not released these songs, would I have the knowledge and experience to know what I would do differently now?
With each release I learn something new; from the writing, to the production, to the marketing, to the playlist pitching. Some songs do better than others, and some completely exceed what I thought they would do. Each time I put song out I learn even more.
So my encouragement to you is to start getting your music out there. You may already be releasing stuff and that is amazing. But I think the only way to learn is by doing, and applying the information we have gained by putting it into action.
Will every song get a million streams, maybe not. Will you look back and see that you might do something differently next time? Hopefully so. You will get better as you do it, but won't get better until you do it.
If we wait until everything’s exactly right we will never be ready, and we might miss the chance to learn how to get better. Follow God's lead on your journey and don't be afraid to step out in faith.
Is there anything holding you back from releasing music?

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